Boi Stunt X Double Pro-Odoyewu

Boi Stunt aka Yayo teamed up with the baddest producer Double Pro on this made love song.
The song is making me one fall in love o.
If you don’t have this song on your playlist then you’re missing out.

Quotable lyrics:

“baby take it or leave it

I love you and I mean it”

“if love was i crime,girl I’ll die for you

Take bullet for you, cause i know say girl na you

Them say waytin you carry fit to kill person

But i ready kpi(die) for you”

Download this mad jam by clicking the link below and don’t forget to share



  1. Charlie Jaecks
  2. Delpha Monteleone
  3. Noel Suffridge
  4. Heath Basye
  5. Joe Frint
  6. Albina Rosenbaum
  7. Lavada Ehrenberg
  8. Colette Llorens
  9. Bethany Lazarus
  10. Anthony Skibski
  11. Danica Ogier
  12. Argelia Derkach
  13. Shanta Andrepont
  14. Lynna Grosswiler
  15. Robt Rozas
  16. Oswaldo Tabone
  17. Peggy Vocu